Kids Entertainer Sharples Hall Blackpool

15th June ’13 – Hired as kids entertainer for KJ’s 7th birthday party at Sharples Hall in Blackpool. This is a great little function room for parties, it’s part of the Blind home complex down near Squires Gate. I do quite a few kids shows here.

My 2 hour kids party package costs £135 in the Blackpool area & is ideal in a hired hall or function room of some description such as Sharples Hall.
Briefly, it comprises: 10 mins or so of music & plate spinning as they arrive, then sit them down for the magical fun show which as well as magic, includes balloon modelling, audience participation & a party dance or 2, this brings us to the half way mark when I conga them to the food (provided by you!), I’ll leave some music on during this time. After food, I’ve found this to be a good time to do the cake & sing happy birthday. This leaves us with approx 30 mins which I fill with party games & dances including limbo.

Some parents prepare a pass the parcel which I’m happy to host/run. It’s not essential but is still a popular game especially for younger children.
Works really well for 4-8 year olds. For further details, see or email your enquiry to Don’t forget to mention the date & approx. timing of the party & the venue details.