Kids Entertainer Formby

9th February ’13 – Booked as Kids Entertainer for Jada’s 5th birthday party at a¬†residential address in Formby. My 2 hour kids party package isn’t always suitable for house parties depending on space available. But Jada’s parents had pulled out all the stops for this one! They had a marquee out in the back garden which looked big but soon filled up with 30 plus children & parents! My 2 hour kids party package includes 10 minutes or so of giving the children a go at plate spinning, then I sit them down for my magical fun show which as well as magic also includes balloon modelling, audience participation & a party dance or 2. This fills up the first hour, then I’d normally get them into a conga before leading them to the food. After food, I’ve found to be a good time to get the cake out & sing ‘Happy Birthday’. Although, at this party we saved it till the end. Then we’ve got 30 minutes or so of more party fun including the limbo competition & party dances which fills up the 2 hours nicely!

At Jada’s party, we also had a face painter, balloon modeller & 4 Disney characters, who as well as meet & greet, also came up at the end to help out with the cake & ‘Happy Birthday’ finale! I couldn’t resist finishing with Gangnam Style & getting our Disney characters involved! I have to say, Mickey was excellent at it, clearly been practising!!!

So, if you’re looknig for an experienced kids entertainer to hire for your child’s next party in the Formby area, email your enquiry to As a guide, prices for the 2 hour party package start at ¬£195 in the Formby area.