Kids Entertainer Lytham Methodist Church

13th October ’12 – Was hired as kids entertainer for Daniel’s 5th birthday party at Lytham Methodist Church just near Lytham town centre. First time I’ve done a party there. Nice little venue for it (although parking isn’t easy!).

I usually start of with 10 mins or so of music & plate spinning for all the children as they arrive. Then sit them down for my magical fun show, which as well as fun magic, also includes balloon modelling, audience participation, party games & dances. This fills the first hour. I would then do a conga & finish off at the food, leave some party music on whilst they eat. After food, I’ve found to be a good time to sing happy birthday, blow out the candles etc. This then leaves us with around 30 mins which I fill with more party oriented entertainment/games such as Limbo & party dances which fills the 2 hours quite nicely.

This is ideal for 5/6 year olds & costs £150 in the Lytham area.

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