Kids Party Entertainment Blackpool

17th December ’11 – Hired as kids entertainer for Josh’s 7th birthday party at Sharples Hall which is in South Shore Blackpool, near the airport. His parent’s had hired me to provide kids entertainment from 2pm till 4pm. Nice hall for kids parties, part of the Princess Alexandra Blind Home. My 2 hour party package involves: a chance for the early arrivals to have a go at plate spinning with music playing. About 10 minutes in, I sat everyone down for my magical fun show which featured the birthday boy! This fills up the first hour which is normally a good time to take a break for food, after I’ve led them Conga style to the buffet! Once they’ve finished eating, I”’ get everyone around the cake to sing Happy Birthday, then we have around 30 minutes left where I provide party oriented entertainment such as the limbo competition & party games & dances.

For further details, see For the 2 hour package, expect to pay £135 in the Blackpool area.

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