Firework Displays for Weddings

So, you want the WOW factor at your wedding?! A spectacular firework display could be just what you need! Firework displays are becoming more & more popular for wedding parties as they create that magical fairytale atmosphere.

What you don’t want is something that resembles your neighbour’s back garden display last bonfire night (unless your neighbour happens to be a desendant of Guy Fawkes!).

Of course, budget is an issue too. So, Andy B Events have come up with the ideal display for you. A spectacular firework display lasting nearly 10 minutes at the most competitve price we could find online.

We have a short video clip of one of the displays (this is only amateur footage of the display) –


This firework display was part of the wedding party celebrations of Mr & Mrs Reynolds at Devere Mottram Hall, Cheshire on the 13th August ’11.

The cost for this firework display is £1095. This price is available throughout Lancashire, Cheshire, Liverpool & Manchester. The closest alternative quote I’ve seen for a similar display is £1295, although most are over £1500.

We can also offer a superior show. This is approx the same length but the sky is constantly filled with fireworks using in the region of 5 times the fireworks used to the ‘classic’ show. This costs £1995 (again, covering Manchester, Lancashire, cheshire, & Liverpool).

Prices include:

Site visit prior to the night, liasions with the venue, insurance, site clearance & VAT.

We can cover further afield, but will need to adjust the price accordingly, please advise location for an accurate quote.

Make your sure your wedding party goes with a bang! Email your enquiry to

(It’s always worth checking with the venue first to make sure they can allow firework displays)

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