Kids Entertainer Brindle, Chorley

23rd June ’12 – Hired as kids entertainer for Jessica’s 5th birthday party at Brindle Community Hall in Brindle, Chorley. Her parents had hired me to provide my 2 hour kids party package. This briefly consists of; 10 mins or so of party music & plate spinning as all the children arrive. Then I sit them down for my magical fun show which fills up the first hour. I’ve found this to be a good time to feed them, so I lead all the kids conga style to the food (supplied by yourselves of course!), then we get the cake out & sing ‘Happy Birthday’! This leaves us with approx 30 mins to play more party oriented games such as Limbo & a party dance or 2, filling the 2 hours quite nicely!

Had this text from Jessica’s parents ‘Hi thankyou for a fantastic party for Jessica’s birthday all the children had lots of fun’

For more details on my kids party packages, email your enquiry to or give me a call for an informal chat on 07785 741749

As a guide, my 2 hour party package costs £165 in the Brindle area.

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