Kids Party Preston

14th April ’12 – Hired to provide my kids entertainment package for Summer’s 6th birthday party at Newton With Clifton Village Hall in Preston. Had great fun! It was my 2 hour party set which is very popular for 4-7 year olds, although it does ideally need to be in a hall or function room. We start off with some plate spinning & disco music for the first 10 minutes or so, then I sit the children down for my magical fun show which includes some fun magic with the birthday boy or girl, balloon modelling & a party dance or 2 before leeading them Conga style to the food. After they have eaten I’ve found to be a good time to sing ‘happy birthday’, leaving us then with approx 30 minutes of more game oriented entertainment such as the Limbo competition & musical games. If you’d like to wrap a pass the parcel, I’ll happily host it for you (not essential but some still find it popular!)

Had a quick message from Summer’s mum shortly after the party – ‘Hiya, Thank you for Saturday kids really enjoyed themselves Carla x’

So, if you’re looking for a kids entertainer for your child’s next birthday party, give me a call on 07785 741749 or email your enquiry to

As a guide, expect to pay £150 for the 2 hour party package in the Preston area.

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